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Daniel Baran

As a hands-on Associate Director of Highland Double Bay Group, Daniel Baran leads his prized team by example. Having lived in the Eastern Suburbs all his life, Daniel is a well-known, well-connected local real estate identity with invaluable area insight and immense experience. Since starting his career in the mid-80s, he has achieved numerous record-breaking results.

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My Story

Down-to-earth, energetic and creative, Daniel employs clever sales strategies to deliver market-leading prices for both residential and commercial sales. He has an ability to make his clients feel right at home and in the very best of hands. Honest and upfront, his in-depth knowledge, negotiating expertise, and unique marketing skills are an asset to every sale.

Daniel remains very much driven by the satisfaction he gets from ensuring both vendors and buyers are delighted by every transaction. Despite his lengthy career, he still makes it a priority to continue learning to make sure he stays on top of his game in an ever-changing industry.

Like many, I too see most agents as the same. I look around and see the same look, the same approach, the same talk, the same style. And that’s not who I am for my clients. I don’t believe in the factory approach to selling real estate, I don’t believe in copying our competitors, I don’t believe in doing what I do because ‘it’s always been done that way’.

I believe as the profession and technology evolve, I can break from the same and bring a new approach, a new quality of conversation, a new integration of technology, and a new level of expertise – quite simply I deliver a new style of real estate, my own style through the Highland Double Bay Group.

I’m at the forefront of utilising innovative technology in the real estate industry, in particular in regard to the way I engage with property seekers and track their behaviour. To demonstrate this, click into any of my current properties for sale and then engage with the popup on the right. You’ll experience a buying journey that doesn’t exist anywhere else and is one of the key factors contributing to the success I achieve for my clients.

Post this experience, I’m happy to explain how I track a property seeker’s behaviour throughout the sales process, gauging their likelihood around submitting an offer or attending an auction. If you’d like to learn more then simply request this in the popup at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

Danbar Investments Pty Ltd – Corporation Licence No: 10086163


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Mobile: 0418 243 093

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